J. Gustafson, R. Benner, M. Sears, and T. Sullivan
A Radar Simulation Program for a 1024-Processor Hypercube
Supercomputing 89 Proceedings, November 1989

"After the Gordon Bell work, some critics said we were using contrived problems with regular domains, easy load balance, and so on, to get such high efficiency on a massively parallel computer. So, this paper shows that same high efficiency on a very ugly production code, putting that criticism to rest.

"Besides being the first fair comparison of a vector supercomputer with a massively parallel computer on a real production code, it was the first to use a MIMD (Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data) architecture as a truly multiple-program system. Most MIMD systems are actually used as SPMD (Shared Program, Multiple Data)... but here, we loaded eight different programs into different parts of the system."

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